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Weary of losing money on our investments?

Read the book "How to Invest in Structured Products" and optimize your chances of success!

This book is highly recommended for investors and asset managers, but is also be useful for salespersons, junior traders or as a textbook for teachers and students. Timeless, it is written in a fresh and easy style, with many intuitive illustrations, useful and timeless advice, diagrams and tables to help pinpoint the matter without math or complex formulas. It's also an ideal gift for a bank's private or institutional clients. Approx. 390 pages, English. 

Also read the author's blog to know what's going on in the market!

"The book he publishes about structured products reflects a change in the literature, a progress . [...] Proof that the best financial books need no mathematical formulas. "

E. Garessus, "Le Temps" (02 Nov. 2009)


"If you would like a more technical approach, you'll chose this excellent book."

G. Corbel, Head structured products, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (January 2012)

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