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NZZ Eine erschütternde Bilanz

The article "Eine erschütternde Bilanz" was published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on the 1st of March 2010. The main topic of the article is the relatively historical bad performance of worst-of barrier reverse convertibles over the last ten years and how they are still heavily demanded by investors, who are probably motivated by their force of habit. The article reflects the opinion of the author the same way he expresses it also in his book.

The pdf of the article: Eine erschütternde Bilanz

Price behavior of capital guaranteed products

This article was published in the February - March 2010 edition of the magazine 'Invest', an Asian periodic journal for investors. It is a modified extract of a central chapter of the first part of the book "How to Invest in Structured Products", where the behavior of structured products during their lifetime is explained in detail. In the article, the influence of shifts in interest rates or volatility on the price of capital guaranteed structured products is asserted. The book's scope goes beyond just one product type and two factors, analyses the behavior of more product types and more factors.

The pdf of the article: " The behavior of capital guaranteed products during their lifetime"

Ausschüttungen sinnvoll nutzen

This article was published in the Handelszeitung on the 21st of April 2010 (German). The author proposes a way to optimize after tax returns for investors whose tax domicile is Switzerland, by means of switching their dividend paying stocks into structured products of different kinds.

To read, best open and print. Alternatively, save as..., open with adobe acrobat reader and turn once counterclockwise.

The article: Ausschüttungen sinnvoll nutzen