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Better be a bank robber than a banker

If the IRS would be the Capitol of Panem, then bankers, especially those in Switzerland, would be the folk populating District 12. As a banker, you usually do what your employer tells you to. You live by a set of rules some legal guy told you was right. As he's the expert, you assume he's right. Legal documentation of your government say so as well. So, as in any corporation, you try to maximize the value you bring to that bank. You do your job, then comes along another government, a big one, with much power who says, "what you did may be right for you, but not for us." More than a bit unsettled, your bosses, your government suddenly say "stop doing what you've been doing until now." So you do. But it's not enough. The big government asks for compensation, and little by little, push comes to shove. You're stunned when